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Our structure

Policy and Regulation

This team has the responsibility for developing regulatory policy and supports the successful delivery of qualifications. It ensures that the most appropriate regulatory systems are devised and adopted whilst avoiding over-regulation.  The group is responsible for securing an effective and efficient qualifications market through comprehensive and enlightening studies on the working of the qualifications system and the cost drivers within the market.

Monitoring and Comparability

This group regulates national curriculum assessments produced by the National Assessment Agency. It also regulates the qualifications and examinations produced by recognised awarding bodies in order to improve existing systems and provides advice on new developments. In doing so, we ensure that all learners get a good deal.

Recognition and Accreditation

The purpose of this group is to recognise awarding organisations and accredit qualifications. It collects, analyses and disseminates statistical data about the qualifications system to ensure that the organisations and qualifications are fit to be in the national system. This is all designed to promote and sustain confidence in the system.

Communications Group

The communications group provides effective and strategic communications advice to the Ofqual management team. They develop, plan and manage the delivery of information and marketing resources so that Ofqual can communicate effectively with its stakeholders. Using channels such as the media, internet, events, stakeholder meetings and seminars the team works to build the public profile, credibility and reputation of Ofqual as well as continuing to build public confidence in the English qualifications system. The team also responds to qualification and regulatory queries, complaints and concerns from Ofqual customers and stakeholders.

Supporting delivery

A business manager will ensure that all business and functional systems work efficiently and effectively to support Ofqual's delivery.

Download our Interim Ofqual Structure chart (50kb PDF)